So now what?

by I just felt a shift in my purpose. So many thoughts are spinning in my head, I figured I should sit down and write something. It’s clear that my home life is changing before my eyes. I’m only responsible for Kyle’s daily needs now. The other two are older, and are not really here […]

Got skills?

by As in, what does your skill set REALLY look like? I got snapped at last night because I mentioned changing my professional profiles to reflect the many abilities I have acquired since beginning this book journey. My girl had told me more than once to update my resume and cater my job search to […]

I want to live!

by I want to live! I’m not ready to go yet. I have so much left to do. Fun stuff, work stuff, learning something new. Won’t let the mundane claim me; this everyday monotony makes me insanely Jealous of the people who get anything they want. They say if I pull a couple of stunts […]

A letter to my younger self…

by July 31, 2013 My Dear Beautiful Girl, Yes, I’m talking to you—the beautiful young woman with the big heart, that pool of intelligence, and the body I’ve spent the last several years trying to get back into. You have no idea how incredible you are, inside and out, but I’m telling you what I […]

The Phoenix.

by So I have this headache. It’s not your average headache; it extends down the left side of my neck and into my stomach. It disrupts my eating habits, sleep pattern, and thought processes. Actually, it seems to be enhancing my thought processes. But it’s not good. I know it’s stress. I have a meeting […]