Why Won’t He Marry Me?! In a Word: Ego.

subtle hotness

by Why won’t he marry you? I could be nice and say it’s because he’s not ready, or he’s getting himself together to be the man you need him to be. But the truth probably is he doesn’t feel superior to you in any way that matters to him. Yeah, his ego won’t let him. […]

How to Prepare for Football Season–BAAD GIRLL Method


by Be An Asset During Games; Ignorance Ruins Love Lives (BAAD GIRLL) I must admit I was shocked to find how frequently women out here are experiencing issues because of some sport(s). My timeline is full of jokes about losing your man for half the year or longer, how hard it will be to find […]

It’s Not Always Obvious…

by Today’s thought comes with an excerpt from one of my novels. I chose this piece because of the letter on the Steve Harvey Show this morning, and how often we miss the subtle and excuse the not-so-subtle signs of abuse, but never call it what it is–abuse. And the thing is nobody said these […]

The Signature Movement–get it?

by    So happy spring break is like over. I can’t with these people at this age. I need my moments to recharge and reflect without somebody talking to me all day. I wrote about it. I’m also over back-talk, sneaking to watch TV in the middle of the night, and people having nothing to […]

The Dynamic Woman

by Please allow me to introduce you to the Dynamic Woman. You’ve seen her; you may even know her quite well. Perhaps she has served you in that restaurant where you like to eat, because that’s how she feeds her children. Or maybe she is the teller at your bank, working to put herself through […]

Woman, do you know your place?

by Old school, or new school? I realize I’m about to piss some people off, but that’s cool. Because the few that read this and begin to think differently, or just think, will be worth the effort. I’m sure you know by now that I can be a bit of a rebel when it comes […]