Why Won’t He Marry Me?! In a Word: Ego.

subtle hotness

by Why won’t he marry you? I could be nice and say it’s because he’s not ready, or he’s getting himself together to be the man you need him to be. But the truth probably is he doesn’t feel superior to you in any way that matters to him. Yeah, his ego won’t let him. […]

Jab, jab, jab, upper-cut…

by Mercy. Grace. Undeserved kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Peace. These are some of the best gifts I’ve ever received, and as such, they’ve allowed and encouraged me to do nice things for others on occasion. The truth is I’m not a nice person; it is never my first inclination to reach out. Do this exercise with […]

Ready for my close-up…

by As I sit here researching, deciding where to plant seeds about my writings, where to send my books, and who would care, I thought about what I would say when the interviewer asks what’s so special about my writing. It occurred to me that somebody else may have the same basic answer, but my […]

Beautifully Human

by I’m free. And it’s a new day. It’s amazing how things can change, with or without our permission, and how information comes to us when we least expect it. I know it all sounds so cryptic, but let me explain from the beginning. See, I’ve been having trouble with my emotion center. It’s been […]

The Dynamic Woman

by Please allow me to introduce you to the Dynamic Woman. You’ve seen her; you may even know her quite well. Perhaps she has served you in that restaurant where you like to eat, because that’s how she feeds her children. Or maybe she is the teller at your bank, working to put herself through […]