How to Prepare for Football Season–BAAD GIRLL Method


by Be An Asset During Games; Ignorance Ruins Love Lives (BAAD GIRLL) I must admit I was shocked to find how frequently women out here are experiencing issues because of some sport(s). My timeline is full of jokes about losing your man for half the year or longer, how hard it will be to find […]

There’s this, and then there’s that.

like butter

by There’s a world of difference between skin and “touch this skin.” There are lips, and then there are lips that call out to be kissed. Some people only drink sugary, flavorful (emphasis on full) drinks; others have appreciation for flavored water (emphasis on water) and its benefits. I could go on with the distinctions, […]

It’s Not Always Obvious…

by Today’s thought comes with an excerpt from one of my novels. I chose this piece because of the letter on the Steve Harvey Show this morning, and how often we miss the subtle and excuse the not-so-subtle signs of abuse, but never call it what it is–abuse. And the thing is nobody said these […]

My Dear Beautiful Girl,…

by If it’s not exactly obvious from the subject, I am writing a letter to my younger self this week on Signature Moves. Actually, I’m hoping it will be just as useful to other young women at that tender age of twenty-something, and maybe even younger, who find themselves at a crossroads. It’s the time […]

Come Monday Morning

by It’s not even 9AM on Monday, and I’m already getting my butt kicked. Some of it is leftovers, and some is attributable to what I have to look forward to. But as I knock out challenges one at a time, I don’t have the luxury of looking at the big ugly picture. It’s like […]

He Moves in My Life!

by    Greetings and salutations! LOL, that’s the endorphins talking. I’ve almost completed my squat challenge, and I see results. I feel them too, when I walk, stand, sit, drive, or anything else. Man, today is my day to do 220 squats; I did 120 this morning. The rest I’ll breeze through later, plus I […]