But I’m Not Ready for Love!


by You know how some people say they’re not ready for love, or maybe instead of pursuing a relationship with someone they really want to be with, they’ll ease off because they have to get some things together? Wow, I just remembered how my friends and I would say we couldn’t get baptized until we […]

Who’s the Greatest?

by Oh all the positive messages out there today. You can be or do anything. You’re beautiful. Important. You’re on your way! Blah blah… I’m not sure how you’ll take this, but I feel the need to interject some reality into my timeline, and my immediate space, so here it is. Most of us will […]

Does wanting more=ungrateful?

by Today’s conundrum has to do with the thin line I believe exists between being ungrateful for what I have and wanting more … everything really. I sit in my living room, sipping tea almost daily, and give thanks for how far I’ve come–in all aspects. My physical surroundings have changed drastically since 2005 when […]

He Moves in My Life!

by    Greetings and salutations! LOL, that’s the endorphins talking. I’ve almost completed my squat challenge, and I see results. I feel them too, when I walk, stand, sit, drive, or anything else. Man, today is my day to do 220 squats; I did 120 this morning. The rest I’ll breeze through later, plus I […]