But I’m Not Ready for Love!


by You know how some people say they’re not ready for love, or maybe instead of pursuing a relationship with someone they really want to be with, they’ll ease off because they have to get some things together? Wow, I just remembered how my friends and I would say we couldn’t get baptized until we […]

Change your perspective.

by Sometimes all you need to clear your head, solve a problem, or find inspiration is a change in your immediate surroundings. Other times you need to examine everything more closely, or more in depth. Perspective, or viewpoint, depends on what you see with your eyes, but it is heavily influenced by what associations and […]

Do it for YOU.

by “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men.”–Col 3:23 (NWT) Sounds conflicting, but let me explain. You know how we do so many things for our kids, making sure they don’t lack where we did, and providing better than we had? Well, we messed up on that […]

I want to live!

by I want to live! I’m not ready to go yet. I have so much left to do. Fun stuff, work stuff, learning something new. Won’t let the mundane claim me; this everyday monotony makes me insanely Jealous of the people who get anything they want. They say if I pull a couple of stunts […]

Ready for my close-up…

by As I sit here researching, deciding where to plant seeds about my writings, where to send my books, and who would care, I thought about what I would say when the interviewer asks what’s so special about my writing. It occurred to me that somebody else may have the same basic answer, but my […]

Beautifully Human

by I’m free. And it’s a new day. It’s amazing how things can change, with or without our permission, and how information comes to us when we least expect it. I know it all sounds so cryptic, but let me explain from the beginning. See, I’ve been having trouble with my emotion center. It’s been […]

Back to the drawing board…

by Good Monday morning to you. I had a couple of noteworthy items for discussion today–something encouraging, something not so encouraging, and something curious. You decide which is which. So I applied for this upward mobility job here, and I am what they called “Superior Qualified.” I wasn’t selected though. Last week I read a […]