Got skills?

by As in, what does your skill set REALLY look like? I got snapped at last night because I mentioned changing my professional profiles to reflect the many abilities I have acquired since beginning this book journey. My girl had told me more than once to update my resume and cater my job search to […]

Try me!

by So I was cooking yesterday, as my mouth throbbed from this root canal, thinking about the pork chop I couldn’t tackle without pain (you know I ate it though). Somehow I got on the whole trial and tribulation topic in my head. I envisioned a school yard fight, a boxing match, a karate competition, […]

Why should I be discouraged?

by Well, I could be discouraged because I don’t have an agent, or a big publisher to promote my writing. An established writer friend of a friend, who has both, said that self-publishing isn’t the way to go these days because nobody takes you seriously in the business. She’s right to a degree; but you […]

Back to the drawing board…

by Good Monday morning to you. I had a couple of noteworthy items for discussion today–something encouraging, something not so encouraging, and something curious. You decide which is which. So I applied for this upward mobility job here, and I am what they called “Superior Qualified.” I wasn’t selected though. Last week I read a […]