Setting Boundaries is My Job.


by My migraines are back. The bi-annual purge has begun. Well, it’s been two years since I’ve suffered from headaches anyway. So I’m on an honesty binge and all other people’s feelings will become a secondary concern while I work through the fact that I’ve repressed so much, I believe that’s why I have the […]

There’s this, and then there’s that.

like butter

by There’s a world of difference between skin and “touch this skin.” There are lips, and then there are lips that call out to be kissed. Some people only drink sugary, flavorful (emphasis on full) drinks; others have appreciation for flavored water (emphasis on water) and its benefits. I could go on with the distinctions, […]

The Signature Movement–get it?

by    So happy spring break is like over. I can’t with these people at this age. I need my moments to recharge and reflect without somebody talking to me all day. I wrote about it. I’m also over back-talk, sneaking to watch TV in the middle of the night, and people having nothing to […]

Dude, you have no idea.

by This blog entry is dedicated to women everywhere–with special thanks to those who have given birth. Now, I usually try to stay within reasonable limits on my posts, but today it just is what it is. I’m talking about the P words. Pre-menopause, pre-menstrual this and that, post-natal, post-menstrual, and the list goes on. I […]