But I’m Not Ready for Love!


by You know how some people say they’re not ready for love, or maybe instead of pursuing a relationship with someone they really want to be with, they’ll ease off because they have to get some things together? Wow, I just remembered how my friends and I would say we couldn’t get baptized until we […]

How to Prepare for Football Season–BAAD GIRLL Method


by Be An Asset During Games; Ignorance Ruins Love Lives (BAAD GIRLL) I must admit I was shocked to find how frequently women out here are experiencing issues because of some sport(s). My timeline is full of jokes about losing your man for half the year or longer, how hard it will be to find […]

Got skills?

by As in, what does your skill set REALLY look like? I got snapped at last night because I mentioned changing my professional profiles to reflect the many abilities I have acquired since beginning this book journey. My girl had told me more than once to update my resume and cater my job search to […]

Turning corners…

by My labor pains are becoming more intense. The devil is playing tricks on me, from inside my own head. People were sent to distract me from the ultimate goal. I keep coming across these faces and images that make me extremely angry. I keep thinking about things I can’t change. The past invades my […]

I want to live!

by I want to live! I’m not ready to go yet. I have so much left to do. Fun stuff, work stuff, learning something new. Won’t let the mundane claim me; this everyday monotony makes me insanely Jealous of the people who get anything they want. They say if I pull a couple of stunts […]

Come Monday Morning

by It’s not even 9AM on Monday, and I’m already getting my butt kicked. Some of it is leftovers, and some is attributable to what I have to look forward to. But as I knock out challenges one at a time, I don’t have the luxury of looking at the big ugly picture. It’s like […]