In competition, with everyone.


by Sunday mornings used to be for my Pinterest obsession, pinning whips and room ideas and stuff. Now it’s mostly for recipe hunting. I don’t actually USE most of them; I compete with them in my head. LOL! Yes, I seek out other people’s ideas, and I pick out why I think they will or […]

There’s this, and then there’s that.

like butter

by There’s a world of difference between skin and “touch this skin.” There are lips, and then there are lips that call out to be kissed. Some people only drink sugary, flavorful (emphasis on full) drinks; others have appreciation for flavored water (emphasis on water) and its benefits. I could go on with the distinctions, […]

Signature Body Shop is now open!


by So here’s what happened: I wanted a good scrub, that smelled good, while leaving my skin extra soft and glistening. I also wanted a nice moisturizer that didn’t evaporate or have alcohol, thereby defeating the purpose. I wanted less chemicals in my products–like none. And I wanted the scent to be subtle, yet present. My […]

No more labels please.

by Life would be more peaceful for some of us if we weren’t so concerned with labels and changing what is not within our power to change. We say we accept or understand, but turn right around and lead a crusade against types of people, behaviors, foods even. We label others all the time. This […]