Single Mother Here: These Kids Will NOT Be the Death of Me


by Excerpt From The Signature Movement, by Tonya D. Floyd: Single Mama Saga Part 2 Marginalized, pushed to the side, afterthought, forgotten often; presence means nothing, ‘til somebody wants something. symbol for oppression, her only mission to impose restriction in her jurisdiction, rebuke, reject, repel, veto, say no, can’t go, can’t do what they want […]

Fastest way to ruin a relationship.


by “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Some say it was Sir William Shakespeare quoted, but some say it wasn’t. It wasn’t me regardless, because I used to debate its truthfulness. I’ve come to appreciate how very accurate it is now though. I think expectation is more of a burden than anything. Every day, […]

So now what?

by I just felt a shift in my purpose. So many thoughts are spinning in my head, I figured I should sit down and write something. It’s clear that my home life is changing before my eyes. I’m only responsible for Kyle’s daily needs now. The other two are older, and are not really here […]

It’s Not Always Obvious…

by Today’s thought comes with an excerpt from one of my novels. I chose this piece because of the letter on the Steve Harvey Show this morning, and how often we miss the subtle and excuse the not-so-subtle signs of abuse, but never call it what it is–abuse. And the thing is nobody said these […]

Do it for YOU.

by “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men.”–Col 3:23 (NWT) Sounds conflicting, but let me explain. You know how we do so many things for our kids, making sure they don’t lack where we did, and providing better than we had? Well, we messed up on that […]

More Like Peter than Sarah

by I woke up from my dream angry, had to remind myself it was a dream. LOL! This lady had me waiting too long for my change. But then I had clarity on another matter. Over the years I’ve tried to walk a Christian walk, studied over and over. But I could never quite get those […]

I prayed that I could help.

by Have you ever allowed someone to stay in your life too long because you just knew they would eventually grow up or figure things out, and you had to be there when the light bulb finally went off? Like you put in countless moments of your life and you needed to be around to […]

Commit today. Change your circumstances.


by It was September 2008 when I made the decision, and asked Jehovah to change my circumstances. I had only toyed with the idea before because I didn’t think it was possible–I didn’t have any money. The IRS was garnishing my wages and taking my tax return for a few years because of some stuff […]

Can’t dodge em all.

by The truth of the matter is at some points in your life, you will be taken advantage of, used, manipulated, overlooked, undervalued, cheated on, lied to, ridiculed, persecuted. You can’t always stay ahead of those who wish to harm you, and you’re not supposed to. Life will not be perfect on this side no […]