Jab, jab, jab, upper-cut…

by Mercy. Grace. Undeserved kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Peace. These are some of the best gifts I’ve ever received, and as such, they’ve allowed and encouraged me to do nice things for others on occasion. The truth is I’m not a nice person; it is never my first inclination to reach out. Do this exercise with […]

It’s Not Always Obvious…

by Today’s thought comes with an excerpt from one of my novels. I chose this piece because of the letter on the Steve Harvey Show this morning, and how often we miss the subtle and excuse the not-so-subtle signs of abuse, but never call it what it is–abuse. And the thing is nobody said these […]

Ready for my close-up…

by As I sit here researching, deciding where to plant seeds about my writings, where to send my books, and who would care, I thought about what I would say when the interviewer asks what’s so special about my writing. It occurred to me that somebody else may have the same basic answer, but my […]

“Your enemies a footstool…”

by How many different places do we read about God’s promise to Jesus that he will make his enemies a footstool for his feet? At least a couple. But have you ever thought about it, like get the symbolism of it, and appreciate that by being on the right team, you too can reap the […]

The devil is a liar!

by I’m compelled to send this late edition because amidst my own struggle, I am encouraged. I swear the devil has been busy around here lately, with big and little things, but I just feel this reassurance, and peace. Basically, I was inspired to share with you that it’s going to be all right. I’m […]

Beautifully Human

by I’m free. And it’s a new day. It’s amazing how things can change, with or without our permission, and how information comes to us when we least expect it. I know it all sounds so cryptic, but let me explain from the beginning. See, I’ve been having trouble with my emotion center. It’s been […]

It aint easy being green…

by I’m talking green as in new, inexperienced, trying to break into a place you know you belong, but have no idea how to get there from where you are now. Yeah, yeah I’m always a promoter of bigger, better things on the horizon, and “the future is yours to mold” type energy, but every now […]