So now what?

by I just felt a shift in my purpose. So many thoughts are spinning in my head, I figured I should sit down and write something. It’s clear that my home life is changing before my eyes. I’m only responsible for Kyle’s daily needs now. The other two are older, and are not really here […]

Change your perspective.

by Sometimes all you need to clear your head, solve a problem, or find inspiration is a change in your immediate surroundings. Other times you need to examine everything more closely, or more in depth. Perspective, or viewpoint, depends on what you see with your eyes, but it is heavily influenced by what associations and […]

Red hair, black sheep, and little lambs.

by I’ve been doing some thinking, slept a little bit, and I’ve concluded that I’ve probably always been a black sheep or red-haired stepchild in every group, every setting I’ve ever been in for longer than I can remember. Well, except with my mother. We actually have a lot in common I see (insert evil […]

Commit today. Change your circumstances.


by It was September 2008 when I made the decision, and asked Jehovah to change my circumstances. I had only toyed with the idea before because I didn’t think it was possible–I didn’t have any money. The IRS was garnishing my wages and taking my tax return for a few years because of some stuff […]

The Future is Calling…

by I feel this energy in the air, telling me it’s time to make moves. Change is mandatory. What began as a slight discomfort at work has become a severe conflict of interest that can no longer be ignored. It’s like I’ve reviewed the mission of the agency, compared it to my own, and they […]

I’m rich! I got 86,400

by New day. 86,400 seconds. That’s all I need to change something. Literally thousands of opportunities exist in the seconds of today. Choices that can touch people, begin new relationships, end old ones, or find something. Thousands of chances, thousands of changes, or just one significant change is all you need today. Do something different. […]