Got skills?

by As in, what does your skill set REALLY look like? I got snapped at last night because I mentioned changing my professional profiles to reflect the many abilities I have acquired since beginning this book journey. My girl had told me more than once to update my resume and cater my job search to […]

Do it for YOU.

by “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men.”–Col 3:23 (NWT) Sounds conflicting, but let me explain. You know how we do so many things for our kids, making sure they don’t lack where we did, and providing better than we had? Well, we messed up on that […]

Does wanting more=ungrateful?

by Today’s conundrum has to do with the thin line I believe exists between being ungrateful for what I have and wanting more … everything really. I sit in my living room, sipping tea almost daily, and give thanks for how far I’ve come–in all aspects. My physical surroundings have changed drastically since 2005 when […]

My Dear Beautiful Girl,…

by If it’s not exactly obvious from the subject, I am writing a letter to my younger self this week on Signature Moves. Actually, I’m hoping it will be just as useful to other young women at that tender age of twenty-something, and maybe even younger, who find themselves at a crossroads. It’s the time […]

The Future is Calling…

by I feel this energy in the air, telling me it’s time to make moves. Change is mandatory. What began as a slight discomfort at work has become a severe conflict of interest that can no longer be ignored. It’s like I’ve reviewed the mission of the agency, compared it to my own, and they […]

Ready for my close-up…

by As I sit here researching, deciding where to plant seeds about my writings, where to send my books, and who would care, I thought about what I would say when the interviewer asks what’s so special about my writing. It occurred to me that somebody else may have the same basic answer, but my […]

Back to the drawing board…

by Good Monday morning to you. I had a couple of noteworthy items for discussion today–something encouraging, something not so encouraging, and something curious. You decide which is which. So I applied for this upward mobility job here, and I am what they called “Superior Qualified.” I wasn’t selected though. Last week I read a […]