Change your perspective.

by Sometimes all you need to clear your head, solve a problem, or find inspiration is a change in your immediate surroundings. Other times you need to examine everything more closely, or more in depth. Perspective, or viewpoint, depends on what you see with your eyes, but it is heavily influenced by what associations and […]

Got skills?

by As in, what does your skill set REALLY look like? I got snapped at last night because I mentioned changing my professional profiles to reflect the many abilities I have acquired since beginning this book journey. My girl had told me more than once to update my resume and cater my job search to […]

Step out on faith?

IMG013 (2)

by It’s kind of funny when I hear this statement. People often use this as a motivator for OTHERS. I was thinking about it, and I can’t think of one soul who actually abandoned everything they were doing to pursue some exercise in faith, and survived. I mean, not without a nest egg or a […]