Single Mother Here: These Kids Will NOT Be the Death of Me


by Excerpt From The Signature Movement, by Tonya D. Floyd: Single Mama Saga Part 2 Marginalized, pushed to the side, afterthought, forgotten often; presence means nothing, ‘til somebody wants something. symbol for oppression, her only mission to impose restriction in her jurisdiction, rebuke, reject, repel, veto, say no, can’t go, can’t do what they want […]

So now what?

by I just felt a shift in my purpose. So many thoughts are spinning in my head, I figured I should sit down and write something. It’s clear that my home life is changing before my eyes. I’m only responsible for Kyle’s daily needs now. The other two are older, and are not really here […]

Jab, jab, jab, upper-cut…

by Mercy. Grace. Undeserved kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Peace. These are some of the best gifts I’ve ever received, and as such, they’ve allowed and encouraged me to do nice things for others on occasion. The truth is I’m not a nice person; it is never my first inclination to reach out. Do this exercise with […]

More Like Peter than Sarah

by I woke up from my dream angry, had to remind myself it was a dream. LOL! This lady had me waiting too long for my change. But then I had clarity on another matter. Over the years I’ve tried to walk a Christian walk, studied over and over. But I could never quite get those […]

Longing to belong.

by Not anymore. It’s like I woke up and decided I don’t need to work hard at being accepted or included in any group, family, club, couple or anywhere–including skinny. Look, when I decided to drop some weight and eat better, it was clearly with the objective of making changes I can live with long-term. […]

A letter to my younger self…

by July 31, 2013 My Dear Beautiful Girl, Yes, I’m talking to you—the beautiful young woman with the big heart, that pool of intelligence, and the body I’ve spent the last several years trying to get back into. You have no idea how incredible you are, inside and out, but I’m telling you what I […]