Clay Pots and Cheesecake Crust


by We’re all the same, you know. Crafted from clay–fragile, a little rough to the touch. Some pots may get a porcelain coating, gold inlay or go through the fire and get a designer look, but…still clay pots. I have a hard time taking folks at face value because I know there are inherent flaws. […]

Single Mother Here: These Kids Will NOT Be the Death of Me


by Excerpt From The Signature Movement, by Tonya D. Floyd: Single Mama Saga Part 2 Marginalized, pushed to the side, afterthought, forgotten often; presence means nothing, ‘til somebody wants something. symbol for oppression, her only mission to impose restriction in her jurisdiction, rebuke, reject, repel, veto, say no, can’t go, can’t do what they want […]

Rules for Replacements: 5 things to know about dealing with her kids.

fam collage

by Mama bear. Somebody said it the other day in conversation regarding mothers and protecting their young. Then today I had a conversation, and it became obvious that I need to say something–many things–about these chicks who knowingly enter relationships with men who have children, and cause a bunch of problems. I swear it’s out […]

Setting Boundaries is My Job.


by My migraines are back. The bi-annual purge has begun. Well, it’s been two years since I’ve suffered from headaches anyway. So I’m on an honesty binge and all other people’s feelings will become a secondary concern while I work through the fact that I’ve repressed so much, I believe that’s why I have the […]

How to Prepare for Football Season–BAAD GIRLL Method


by Be An Asset During Games; Ignorance Ruins Love Lives (BAAD GIRLL) I must admit I was shocked to find how frequently women out here are experiencing issues because of some sport(s). My timeline is full of jokes about losing your man for half the year or longer, how hard it will be to find […]

Is it Small, or Just Not Big?


by Think about the difference here. Small packages can be frustrating. I know, like you’ve taken your time getting ready, smelling good, mentally engaging, etc. You’re hot and bothered, throbbing, pulsating and stuff. He gets there, butters you up real good, most likely with great attention to important details…and then…you don’t feel a thing. Girrlllll! […]

Lost Boys


by What in the hell has happened to all the grown men?! What’s my motivation? Yes, I’m gonna be doing some cussin, and I’m completely aware that I’m about to start an argument, but it has to be said–today’s man is represented by a bunch of baby boys with joystick addiction and zero ambition. Side […]

In competition, with everyone.


by Sunday mornings used to be for my Pinterest obsession, pinning whips and room ideas and stuff. Now it’s mostly for recipe hunting. I don’t actually USE most of them; I compete with them in my head. LOL! Yes, I seek out other people’s ideas, and I pick out why I think they will or […]

You have no idea…


by Allow me to present to some and introduce to others: Tonya Dwan Floyd, Author/Blogger/Philosopher/Relationship Explorer, at your service. Basically all that boils down to I’m a heavy thinker, and a great listener, with skill in wielding the English language as a weapon, or composing written pieces like elaborate musical numbers with dancing, to affect […]

The Interview Went Well


by How come whenever you say you’re a realist, people automatically deem you cynical, pessimistic? My guess is they’re hopeless optimists who hate for you to rain on their parade. But from where I stand, a realist is a person who has learned to strike a delicate balance between optimism and pessimism, based on facts, […]